financial affairs
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WorkPlace:Jiangsu xuzhou

Number of recruits:1 People


Job descriptions and application requirements:

1.Job duties

1.1 Assist the department manager in daily cost accounting and management to ensure the normal operation of financial work;
1.2 Prepare financial budget and analysis, organize daily accounting work;
1.3 Verify the legality, integrity and authenticity of documents;
1.4 Responsible for financial cost analysis and preparation of financial analysis reports;
1.5 Prepare annual financial budgets and monitor and analyse their implementation;
1.6 Organizational staff training and business learning;
1.7 Completion of other temporary work in leadership arrangements.
2. Qualifications
2.1 Academic qualifications: full-time bachelor degree or above, accounting major;
2.2 Work experience: 3 years or more of accounting experience is required;
2.3 Competency requirements: interpersonal communication, organizational coordination, comprehensive analysis, execution, teamwork;
2.4 Occupational quality: overall awareness, dedication, high level of responsibility and attention to detail;
2.5 Vocational qualifications: accounting titles at or above the middle and senior levels;
2.6 Operational skills: Proficiency in the use of financial and office software.



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