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Xuzhou Shuyu Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "Shuyu") is a chemical company that produces chemical reagents and pharmaceutical intermediates. It relies on the production technology of the Xuzhou Chemical Research Institute and has long-term cooperation with major companies and institutions. It is an economic entity that integrates new technology research and development, production, sales, and the provision of professional technical services. The company is located in Xuzhou City, an important economic, commercial and foreign trade center in Jiangsu Province. The company has always adhered to the core business concept of "quality oriented and service winning" and provided high-quality products and high-quality services for users. The company has always been driven by innovation, through continuous institutional innovation, technological innovation, product innovation, to the greatest extent to meet the needs of customers, most likely to adapt to the domestic and foreign market development trends. The reputation has brought together a group of outstanding talents who have been engaged in the chemical industry for decades and have considerable experience. The company h...

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