We firmly believe that only by adhering to the implementation of the corporate culture, we can provide customers with more perfect services.
Do what you say, don't say it.
In China, even if an enterprise has a perfect system, if it does not have a corporate culture to support it, it can not be supplemented. Companies should do what they say and what they say should be done, and we should work hard not to promise anything that can not be done.
Only credit, not hard work.
For the Chinese, there is no difference between hard work and merit. Hard work is not doing anything, so companies should only recognize merit, should not have hard work, focusing on the results.
Discipline and generosity
Most of the time, his own contribution is clearly seen, but he thinks it is very simple for others to do one thing. Only everyone is strict with themselves, to others, strict self-discipline, treat others, so it is conducive to the development of the company.
Dare to take personal responsibility
In Chinese companies, when you push me when you take responsibility, I push you. As long as one thing is not done well, it takes a long time to find someone to take responsibility. In the work, every employee must dare to take personal responsibility, do not escape, do not shirk.
work hard and perseveringly
Once a person is free, he will float. If he is not hard, his combat effectiveness will not be enough. Therefore, even if an enterprise has good results, it must emphasize hard work. If it does not emphasize this article, the combat effectiveness of this enterprise will be weakened.

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