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WorkPlace:Jiangsu xuzhou

Number of recruits:5-10 People

Receive resumeluqs@songyucn.com

1. Job duties
1.1 Be responsible for the safe and stable operation of all process indicators and operational signals of the control system;
1.2 Responsible for daily production operation, parameter recording, routine inspection, etc..
1.3 Be responsible for site operation, instrument use and maintenance;
1.4 Responsible for the management of migrant workers;
1.5 Completion of other temporary work in leadership arrangements.
2. Qualifications
2.1 Academic qualifications: college degree, chemical related specialty;
2.2 Work experience: new graduates and interns are also considered;
2.3 Professional qualities: commitment, initiative, commitment and efficiency;
2.4 Competencies: Strong ability to analyze, judge, communicate and solve problems.
2.5 Education can be relaxed appropriately if you are able to work hard.
Pay and benefits
3.1 Salaries: competitive wages in the industry, combined income 3000-5000 yuan/month;
3.2 Benefits: Improved welfare guarantees and good development space. See above for details of benefits.
4, interview materials
One copy of the original certificate and copy(positive and negative), one copy of the relevant qualification certificate and one copy of the ID card, and one copy of the positive and negative copies. The new graduates need to improve their examination results during the school period;
5, distribution direction
According to the progress of the new project, the hired personnel are assigned to the position of chemical operation related to the new project of Sonyu Chemical. The new project is located in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province.



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